LOL : Jehan is back with How to Speak Srilankan

From the makers of S*** Sri lankan Mothers and Fathers Say…

Even if they tell you “a hundred and one times” … you can hear them once again on what it sounds like to speak Singlish 😉 My mouth is ‘paining’ men after laughing…



Guide to non-Srilankans who may watch this video : the guy on the right speaks English, the guy on the left speaks the equivalent in Srilankan 😉
Keep em coming Jehan… we need more of this !!

Pol Sambolé by Italian singer Piero Perondi

Piero Perondi starred on the cover of Yauvana magazine in SL. FB says Languages: Portuguese, English, Sinhala, Italian. Music he likes : Mohideen, Jothipala, Paolo Gonzo, Gino Paoli. Mamma mia!!

IYO: An All New iPad for Srilankans


From the makers of Sh** Sri Lankans say…

Another brilliant customised LOL video from Jehanr and his team. What have we done to deserve this … 😉




Sexist Jokes ;)