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Buy Muslim ‘without fail’ this Avurudu !

Buy Muslim ‘without fail’ this Avurudu !

No one is asking you to die for the Muslims, wear a head-dress or behave like a clown.  The serious thrust of the BBS is to destroy the livelihoods of Muslims by targeting their goods and services.  Do something, buy SOMETHING, (not everything, no?), from a Muslim shop this Avurudu !  Don’t deprive the Sinhalese vendor or the Thamil shopkeeper mind, just include the Muslim-owned shop that you usually would buy gifts or clothes from.

Avurudu Lamp

To buy Muslim (as well) this Avurudu is is not my original idea. It was shared by a friend among friends and now I am sharing it with you.

If you have been busy with better things these past few days or on a little Easter break, just check out these video s that are online and mean serious business. As I am a bear of little brain, they are confusing me. In one, the Buddhist monk clearly says the BBS is against violence and is not racist despite calling on the Sinhalese to build the race and rise. Further, it’s interestingly  a male call for males to show their nice chauvinistic side and save their employee sisters who are being allegedly exploited and treated badly by Muslim shop owners. He reiterates that there will be no violence but calls out in tones that would make a mob of jellyfish rise up, find a spine and throw a stone. Then comes violence.

Stay Calm and Buy Muslim as Usual ! Happy Avurudu !


  1. a buddhist says:

    Buddha; the great human being who showed the path to liberstion lived and preached in India and he and his followers lived in peace and harmony with all other sages of that time who also had large numbers of followers. It is said that one of the most powerful kings of that era; Bimbisara was also a buddhist but we dont read of Buddha ever asking Bimbisara to get rid of those other sages and their followers.

    Those who make all this fuss about other religions must ask them selves , have we at least keep the five precepts our selves? most unlikely. . . . .

  2. Funnily enough I was saying something similar about a month back. Glad to know that some sanity still prevails.

    Raheema’s does excellent gothamba rotti’s planning on an outing there. Heard their hoppers are excellent too, and pretty reasonably priced, takeaways available.

    • And as a young about-to take-oaths lawyer i flew into Raheema where the old Tailor still keeps his shop over the Raheema resto below and asked him to tailor me a cloak of all cloaks to knock em dead… he did after a stern look at his calendar. Raheema Tailors did the top notch cloaks of the leading lawyers in his day ! Dunno if he is still around !

  3. a buddhist says:

    and funnily enough all these “rana gosha of bala sena” start their cries when the new year festivities are comming up and people start their shopping sprees – its nothing but money money money

  4. It make me sad to think that the activities of the BBS is causing so much damage to my motherland and to the noble precepts of Lord Buddha . His teachings have been completely ignored by these marauding pro BBS groups. It is unfortunate that a majority of the Buddhists in Sri Lanka who could certainly not be happy with what the BBS is doing, are not in a position to raise their voice loud enough to stop the madness of the BBS and its followers.

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