An Avurudu Wish for Savi !


There are many Avurudu Kumaris and Avurudu Kumarayas-in-waiting ! They need your SUPPORT, your GOOD SENSE and your BELIEF in HIS or HER RESILIENCE.

This is a time for engagement and realism; a time to cast aside emotion and plunge into action.


An Avurudu Wish for Savi ! from iSrilankan on Vimeo.

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Walking Down the Hallway with Janet

By Maryanne Kooda

She walked out of the classroom as the lesson ended. I walked alongside her, but I did not reach out to help her when she stumbled and hit a low wall as she missed her turn towards the other corner of the hallway. [Read more…]

PODCAST: “Girls always have to measure up to high expectations in Sri Lanka”

Ru Freeman talks to Gaya in a cafe backgarden in Colombo.
Gaya : “Where did the first threads come together for The Disobedient Girl? Was there an inspiration for Latha from your own life?”
I brought up one instance of the visual imagery she used so well throughout her book – the girl using the bar of Lux soap while bathing, the soap of beauty queens.
Ru:  “Girls… The expectations that they are charming and lovely… for the majority of people that’s a lot, and it circumscribes your life in some ways.

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Veddah Chief of Rathugala Veddah Clan

 Veddha Chief



By Tharindu Amunugama

Meet Danigala Maha Bandaralage Suda Wanniyalaeththo, the current chieftain of Rathugala clan of veddahs,who are originally from Danigala in Galoya.They had to relocate due to construction of Senanayake reservoir and making of Galoya sanctuary ( I think it was in 1950s). This is one of the remaining veddah lineages along with the ones you find in Vanni and the less distinct coastal veddahs. [Read more…]

Artists & Life: Ru Freeman the Author

Ru Freeman by Peter Hurley©

Listen to  Ru Freeman, Srilankan-born writer talking to Gaya Fernando on her life, thoughts and writing. Disclaimer : This is not a literary review and if you have not read her book you will still enjoy Ru’s perspectives. We discussed girls, growing up, the belief a mother has in her children, loving the place you were born in and the difference between abrasive and gentle discourse on war topics to name some of the themes of our conversations apart from the books she has and will publish.

There is nothing pretentious about Ru Freeman. Her voice, expressions, words and thoughts flow with no hesitation, disclaimers and qualifiers, which today precede most opinions publicly shared.  You won’t hear cautious preambles to Ru’s take on politics or poetry.

I was interested in hearing Ru both as an author and a young woman on many issues [Read more…]