Are you linked to a chain of goodwill that brings hope to a child in 2013 ?



There are Christmases that have less glitter on them for some little hearts this year. Yet there are paper chains that despite the lack of glitter decorate a Christmas tree, in a home where decorations are not on the priority list of purchases. The links in these chains are a lot less glittery than others, more subtle, but every link in this chain is indispensable.

I have met many links in chains in Sri Lanka. Whenever someone wants to do good, wishes to get children from the North to see the Shri Maha Bodhiya in the Ceasefire of 2002, wished  to help the victims of the Tsunamis of 2004 of all ethnicities (and nationalities) the links held.  They glowed.  And people were fed and given tea and sustainance in the first 48 hours after the Tsunamis.  The aid flowed from city to village to coast that Christmas.

Even now, the effects of war and its wounds are being attended to by many human links in a chain of people who by day are working in regular professional jobs and are fired by a zeal that is Christmas 365 days of their working year.

Madhu, as we will call him for now is a boy from Alaveddy, aged ten who lost his eye in the last stages of the war in 2009.

A young man who likes taking pictures and travelling on the weekend to different parts of the island offered his pictures to his Boss who runs a financial institution in Colombo and the idea for a project sponsoring educational expenses for the kids of the North is begun.

Another dedicated and efficient young man who works for this project that assists the war victims sends a potential sponsor the pics and I reach out to the saddest faces and choose this young boy and another little girl with an angry expression.

The young man at the project tells the sponsor a doctor is needed to check on his eye.   I tell him no expense should be spared. Bring him to the best eye doctor we got over there for a prognosis of what can be done for the eye.  He reaches out to a young nurse working at a hospital in CMB to bear upon the eye doctor that this boy needs an appointment by special request as it turns out that a special transport can be provided to this boy this week to come to CMB from Jaffna and return in comfort.  The nurse was very sympathetic and this evening she will appeal to the doctor to make time somehow.  A friend stands by to give the child accommodation in CMB if they need it.  We stand by to cover the expenses and make sure nothing is spared to try to save the eye and to preserve the good one.

IF you would like to be a link in a chain that brings something good, something essential into the life of a little boy or girl affected by war, you can be that link for the next year.

I am sure you know someone who is running a charity that you can trust.

IF you don’t and if you would like to work with a charity run by people who are 24 Karat gold at heart, then do not hesitate to get in touch with iSrilankan by emailing I do not run a charity but will direct you to the charity I work with and the people I trust. There are more than one organisation of people of more than one ethnicity involved in the chains.

So this is Christmas ! Merry Christmas … !!


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