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Are we all equally to blame for booting out Ethics and Integrity? Ask the Jury?

Are we all equally to blame for booting out Ethics and Integrity? Ask the Jury?


“Ethics has left the building. Integrity has quit. Their clothes have been robbed by the other players who prance around as though they’ve got the garments, undergarments, skin, bone, flesh and organs as well, heart included! ” Malinda Seneviratne

GAYA’S COMMENT : I don’t believe that we are all equally to blame for ‘booting out’ integrity and ethics as Malinda says. But, I do believe that when ‘champions’ emerge from the bullrushes in the garb of the prophet, we as an audience who has the benefit of experience, hindsight, memory and education on the dynamics of powerplay in politics should use em in determining if the ‘new’ champion is worthy of a salute. 

Today highly influenced by immediacy of digital media people rush to click a like without reading the article and same is true for the ‘liking’ of any foe of an enemy which is very Bushlike. 

You may not like the regime but look at Mangala aiya. Read the history. Look at the capers by those who wish to bring change to Sri Lanka. So many have left the building its true. 

But where Malinda stops is with his generation. The younger generation should not be dismissed as puppets and situations evolve. 

Velupillai Prabhakaran physically left the building yes, but did he take divisive politics, poverty, extra-judicial killings, disappearances when he left?  What he did take though was inter alia the forced enrollment of child soldiers and conditioning of young minds to join a non-state army.

What is important today on his birthday is to support the ten year old orphans, 26 year old mothers and young people struggling towards the future. We need to support a real champion who will emerge in a sustainable cast in a not-too-distant future which is beyond the horizons of urgent media. Not another puppeteer !

Read  Floundering without integrity and ethics by Malinda Seneviratne 

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