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Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 11.10.20 PMWhose Side is the Law On?

To my right a man is hauled off by the police. He tries to resist but it’s futile as four policemen load him into a police jeep and drive off. I’m snapping away as the  jeep speeds off into the distance, when a voice behind me asks, ‘what just happened?’

I explain to the man in a brown t-shirt, that one of the attendees of the ‘peaceful vigil‘ was just dragged off by the police. He looks surprised. Then he motions towards the barricade of police in front of us and remarks that they’ve brought cans of tear gas with them. I turn towards the policemen and take pictures of the cans. Then I hear a scuffle behind me.

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Gaya: It’s 11 pm and I would have shut down if I had not read Meg’s sketch on what was so ominous and unreal about the aftermath of the events that disrupted a peaceful demonstration in Colombo.


  1. Quo Vadis Democracy in Sri Lanka ?
    What has happened to the rule of law ?
    Where is the presumption of innocence a suspect should have until he is proved guilty by a due process of law ?
    Where is free speech in Sri Lanka ?
    State terrorism is reigning supreme in our dear motherland – when will all this end ?

    These are some of the questions that we Sri Lankans should ask ourselves while we lament the state in which our country is today.

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