To see where iSrilankan is coming from  read a Message from an Insight-Gatherer by Gaya Fernando

Gaya’s Story  tells you where I am coming from. I think it was Richard Bach who said the most difficult questions are the simple ones : Who are you ? Where is your home ? What are you doing ? and watch how the answers change over time. Don’t forget to read a disclaimer.

A Space

iSrilankan.com is a space in which people who are born Sri Lankan or descend from Sri Lankans can share the oomphy things they do and the kind of people they have grown to be. It also includes non-Srilankans who live or have lived in Sri Lanka. It does not matter whether you live in Toronto or Trincomalee, Christchurch or Colombo.

A Collage

So it’s a collage of Srilankanness and its evolving. As a rather well-known blogger put it, like the A9 and the country in general, Srilankanness is work-in-progress and we gotta add our personal stamp if we would like to see more of ‘us’ in the making.

For the jargonista, iSrilankan is a communizine –  a digital community magazine.

A Communizine

iSrilankan fills the need for a communizine that links the Sri Lanka Diaspora and a youngness to the Sri Lankans who grew up in Sri Lanka as ‘participative collaborators’ . What’s that ? Well the internet is a great place to build things together Wiki style.

I propose to start searches for certain themes on the FB iSrilankan page and to gather contributions from our people all over the world. ‘Like’ the FB page and you will find out. It’s a great dynamic and the iSrilankan belongs to all those who contribute to this project.

At present it’s only me and a few great contributors and many supporters and interested peeps. Every expression of interest counts in communizines, so please comment, email us your idea and let us know how you could help especially with technical resources, photo collections, advertising or sponsorships etc.

Thank You

I am thankful to all who patiently heard my evolving idea since January 2011 and indulged me. I will still crave this indulgence so you are not off the hook completely 😉

I am thrilled at the original contributions, audio blogs and videos that were created for iSrilankan and for the generous sharing of personal collections trusting that I would not misuse em. Thank you to all who will appear in the content ahead, who have promised to contribute and whose connecting me with others has led to more community and contributions. I thank all Sri Lankans whose faces I have not seen for real but whose skype and other connections have made em very dear to this project and me. It’s a wonderful time !

The core contributor team will evolve with time-commitment over a year I believe, however, Gary Paramanathan, Natalie Soysa and Tharindu Amunugama have been amazing in contributing their time and talent and without em i could not have done it.

For those who wish to know more, I will be including more detail in an FAQ in the next few days.