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A Cricket Smile Maasai-style ;)

A Cricket Smile Maasai-style ;)




At first I thought it was another inane April Fool’s joke.

But then Getty Images looked pretty impressive and this one pic especially I found arresting cos there is something very familiar in this ‘cricket smile’.  It’s a smile I have seen on many boys in our village who play cricket in the afternoon in the school garden which stands between our home and the railway lines and the Indian Ocean back home in Sri Lanka.

So the Maasai play cricket in Mombasa to promote healthy living, raise awareness of HIV/AIDS and women’s issues and to be role models and ambassadors for their country.

Maybe we do remember how our own young cricketers walked out into a hostile world when everything that came from Sri Lanka was terrorism, bombs and a never-ending war? The only good news that used to crawl out of the news crawler below BBC were the cricket scores at one time.

Good for the Maasai …. wonder what they would think of our ‘papare’ tradition …
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