Kodi’s Autograph : The Resilience Series

Kodi's autograph book of friendship

RATTAN CHAIR DAY: I first met Kodi long before I met him in real life. I heard his voice on the iam .lk website before I came over to Sri Lanka and I had no idea that I would ever find him . Kannan Arunasalam had met Kodi in Galle and it was great to hear the story of Kodi’s time in Jaffna as a young civil servant as they called people who worked in the Govt Service. On that day of my Galle holiday with my family i stepped into the Library to check out the books and as I was leaving, a friendly voice asked me whether I was a tourist and which country I lived in. Answering him, somehow I knew it was Kodi even before I asked him. His face beamed with surprise and pleasure that I had heard his story. Well I was going to hear more.

Am writing the story and will let you know when it is online. Please LIKE the FB page to get updates when there is a new post or sign in for email updates.

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